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    MSG? TURBO-AIR? COOLED 2000 Centrifugal Air Compressor
    MSG? TURBO-AIR? COOLED 2000 Centrifugal Air Compressor

    MSG® TURBO-AIR® COOLED 2000 Centrifugal Air Compressor

    The MSG TURBO-AIR COOLED 2000 is a great match for almost any location and conditions. The air-cooled design eliminates the installation restrictions and the utility costs associated with water-cooled units by removing the cost of pumping and treating water, and maintaining the water system.




    The MSG TURBO-AIR COOLED 2000 centrifugal compressor is designed for applications where there is a limited supply or no water available for cooling.

    The MSG TURBO-AIR COOLED compressor makes it possible for more industries around the world to enjoy all the advantages of our state-of-the-art centrifugal compressor design.

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    The MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressor product line has been engineered to produce oil-free air for more than 60 years. This certification officially acknowledges the ability of our compressors to produce oil-free air, providing our customers with enhanced quality assurance.


    ISO 8573-1 Certified Oil-Free Air

    · Prevents oil contamination of your system

    · Limits the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover

    · Eliminates costly waste disposal problems associated with oil-laden condensate

    · Eliminates the expense and associated maintenance requirements of oil-removal filters, since no oil enters the compressed air stream in the compressor

    Simple Installation

    · True unloading capability helps to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings

    · Increased uptime compared to alternative technologies translates into reduced operating life-cycle costs

    · Reduced number of external connections

    · Compact design reduces required floor space

    · Meets OSHA’s sound level requirements without sound enclosure

    Low-Cost Operation

    · True unloading capability helps to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings

    · Increased uptime compared to alternative technologies translates into reduced operating life-cycle costs

    · Excellent part-load efficiencies for any operating load

    · No sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process causing wear or efficiency loss

    Easy Operation

    · The MAESTRO? Universal control panel provides a built-in web server, allowing compressor monitoring using your local intranet/span>

    · Significant annual savings in operating cost by providing more precise control

    · Easy-to-use, automatic operation

    Easy Maintenance

    · Compression elements do not wear or require periodic replacement

    · No oil-removal filters to clean or replace

    · Accessible, horizontally split gearbox for quick inspection

    · Intercooler and aftercooler bundles are easy to remove for inspection and cleaning

    · Water-in-tube design intercooler and aftercooler allow for simple mechanical cleaning

    · Maintenance-free dry coupling

    High Reliablity

    · Thrust loads absorbed at low speed

    · Non-contacting air and oil seals

    · Stainless steel compression elements

    · Conservative, high-quality gear design

    · Extended life pinion bearing design

    · Centrifugal compressors are proven to have a long mean time between failures (MTBF), and independent research has shown an industry-leading availability of 99.7%

    MSG TURBO-AIR COOLED 2000 Centrifugal Compressors 3-stage Compressor Layout


    1. Oil Cooler: Air-cooled heat exchanger for lubrication system

    2. Aftercooler: Air-cooled heat exchanger for 3rd stage discharge air

    3. 2nd Stage Intercooler: Air-cooled heat exchanger for 2nd stage discharge air

    4. 1st Stage Intercooler: Air-cooled heat exchanger for 1st stage discharge air

    5. Fan Plenum & Cooler Fan: Fan and plenum to facilitate air-cooled heat transfer

    6. Inlet Filter: Removes airborne particulate prior to 1st compression stage

    7. 3rd Stage of Compression: Final compression stage to reach pressure set point

    8. 2nd Stage of Compression: Intermediary compression stage before final compression stage

    9. 1st Stage of Compression: Initial compression stage of atmospheric air

    10. Control Center: Single-point electrical connection for MAESTRO Universal control panel,  drive motor starter, and auxiliaries

    11. Sound Enclosure: Enclosure provides quiet operation at 85 dBA

    12. Compressor Discharge: Discharge from final compression stage to aftercooler and subsequent downstream equipment


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